09:30 amOpening Remarks by the Workshop Organizers
09:35 amKeynote by Lionel Briand (University of Luxembourg)
on Testing Dynamic Behavior in Executable Software Models - Making Cyber-physical Systems Testable
Slides of the Keynote
10:30 amCoffee Break
11:00 amPresentation Session I: Full Papers
Session Chair: David Sanderson
  • Dominik Klumpp, Axel Habermaier, Benedikt Eberhardinger and Hella Seebach. Optimising Runtime Safety Analysis Efficiency for Self-Organising Systems
  • Verena Klös, Thomas Göthel and Sabine Glesner. Formal Models for Analysing Dynamic Adaptation Behaviour in Real-Time Systems
12:30 pmLunch Break
02:00 pmPresentation Session II: Full Papers
Session Chair: Alwin Hoffmann
  • Daniel Schall. Design Quality Assessment and Resolution in Software Intensive Systems
  • Ivan Tritchkov and Helmut Goetz. Verification and Validation of Decentralized, Self-Organizing Cyber-Physical Production Systems
03:30 pmCoffee Break
04:00 pmPresentation Session III: Fast Abstracts
Session Chair: Benedikt Eberhardinger
  • Claudia Raibulet. Five Object-Oriented Design Principles to Improve the Quality of Self-Adaptivity Using MAPE Loops
  • Henner Heck, Arno Wacker, Stefan Rudolph, Joerg Haehner, Christian Gruhl, Bernhard Sick and Sven Tomforde. Towards Autonomous Self-Tests at Runtime
  • Lenz Belzner and Thomas Gabor. QoS-Aware Multi-Armed Bandits
05:30 pmConcluding Remarks